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I often sit and wonder about you and the times we shared,
the way you hold me and the way you touch me,
they way you look at me with your brown eyes,
is only a few ways to show how much you really care.
We been through alot together,
I've always pictured you and I together,
I never imagined such a dream could come true,
Until the first night I spent with you.
My first night with you,
all my dreams came true.
At night I gaze into the stars,
dreaming I'm with you wherever you are.
You're a great distance from me physically,
but we're always together emotionally.
I love and care for you so much,
I can't begin to explain.
It's like your the king,
and I'm your kingdom.
You have complete control over my heart,
Nothing or nobody can ever tear us apart.

Written by Etienne Bryant


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