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I received a phone call
My cousin said he was on his way,
I had no idea
That my life was going to change that day.

There was a knock at the door
It was too soon for him to be there,
When I opened the door
My mouth dropped and I started to stare.

You came into my house
Unannounced and uninvited,
You got mad because I was frightened
You got mad because I was not excited.

You forced me into a bad position
Ripped out my very soul,
I was ashamed to reveal it to anyone
A life altering experience I would have to hold.

I tried so hard to fight you off
You threw me down and climbed on top,
The pressure from your body was overwhelming
I told you that I could not breathe and you still
would not stop.

What did I do to deserve this?
Is there anyone out there that can dry my tears?
Take away my sorrow and my sadness?
Take away my doubts and my fears?

I have had to be strong and bear this
I have tried to hide this from myself,
But I have to tell somebody
To prevent this from happening to someone else.

He was a friend, nothing serious
He wanted more, I was not impressed,
He made that obvious to me
When he sat down on my chest.

I never told him where I lived
We only talked on the telephone,
He started acting somewhat strange
So I asked him to just leave me alone.

I have learned that you cannot trust everyone
That smiles in your face,
This man has stolen a part of me and
Taken me to a different place.

I thought that I could put this past me
By not allowing it to exist in my mind,
I can normally handle anything
I thought that it would get better with time.

Nobody really knows
Nobody fully understands my pain,
When they think that my smile means that I am happy
I am just trying hard to hide my pain.

It is somewhat hard to swallow
When you hear this coming from me,
I am always happy and cheerful
So my pain is quite hard to see.

I have always asked myself
Was I supposed to be the one?
I cannot dwell on this because
The damage has already been done.

You are probably wondering why I am writing this
It is because I want you to know,
That in my sorrow there is always tomorrow
Behind the clouds of night, there is always a glow.

I am keeping my head held high
Not allowing anyone to steal my peace,
Pain is in the past
My sorrow I will release.

I have so much to live for
So much to look forward to,
I just had to let you know
So that you would know what to do.

Be safe and protect yourself
Do not trust everyone that smiles in your face,
Cause the person that I trusted
Left a lasting impression that cannot be erased.

Written by Timika Burton


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