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Still I Cry

We walk together
We talk together
We sing together
Still I cry
You are there for me
You took care of me
But still I cry
I give you my all
I am there for you when you call
But still I cry
I cry for you
I will die for you
I will always stick by you
Do you understand why?
Why do you hate me and
Make me feel like
I am nothing
Do I not deserve respect?
I give it to you
Is it because I am beneath you?
You are all that I have
Really all that I need
To make me happy and
Feel complete
But still I cry
What can I do to make you happy?
What can I say?
Please show me the way
To your heart
We both yearn for happiness
Do you not want that?
You taught me independence
You taught me love
You told me to look beyond
Struggle and strife
You taught me what it
Meant to be a good wife and
I was
But still I cry
Do you now understand why?
Because I love you so hard
That it hurts
I want the best for you
I want your dreams to come true
Don't you want that for me?
Do not allow materialistic things to ruin
The relationship that we have
Start living for the future
Stop living in the past
Look at me for the person
That I am
Not the person that you think me to be
Open up your heart
I guarantee that you will see
I have tried for so many years
To get you to love me for me
I've even went as far
As being the person that I thought
You wanted me to be
That was not enough
It's never enough
Why is that?
What have I done to you
That is so bad that
Makes you treat me this way?
Every thing that I do is for you
When I think of my plans
For the future
I always see you there
Not only do I look at a prosperous life
For me but you as well
I am tired
Of being under appreciated
Not respected and kicked under the rug
I am living for today
Living for my children
Living for love
With a peace of mind
But still I cry

Written by Timika Burton


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