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How Could You?

You always talk about what you want and what you need
What about me?
I give you the world, but you is all you see
If you are thinking about you and I am thinking about you
Who is thinking about me?
When that question came into my mind
That's when I faced reality
You do nothing for nobody but waste space and take time
But whenever I can, I try to always give you mine
I need to quit trippin
Cause ain't no shows that you stoppin
You ain't got a pot to piss in or a door to throw it out of
But you walk around like you big shit poppin'
When my friends question my pain
I make all kinds of excuses
I try to take up for you and hide all the abuses
Emotional pain, feels worst than a hit
I am a victim of love
I'm sick of this shit!

Written by Timika Burton


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