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Sittin', thinkin' back to the days of simplicity
When my mother was still watchin' ova me
When I felt I could be what I wanna be
Those days are so long gone

Now I've grown and enjoyed the experience
In a world that is so prone to ignorance
Folks ignore determination and diligence
I am wise, Grandma's legacy lives on

I have cried for so long, now i know that my voice is heard
I am felt without having to utter a word
My voyage is over, no fighting, that's absurd
Sit for a second, hold your peace, I got a word

My strength and help comes from above
To stay strong, He's all I'm thinkin' of
To pull through I shout daily that God is love
I may be firm, but I'm harmless as a dove

Be wisdom, be strength and lead the way
For most followers never see the light of day
Always have faith, know that God will make a way
Take heed to my word, for you I pray

Written by Timika Burton


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