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The bed, your clothes came off
The time, abruptly stops
You come closer, the heat is on
You pause, your socks come off

You're there, your skin glistens
My head, on your chest
I stop and listen

Your heart speaks to me
The conversation's erotic
It tells me that everything
you want and need, I got it

By the excitement, she tightens
The caress, she is delighted
It's time and I can't fight it
My nipple, you turn and bite it

My navel, you lick so gently
I rise, you slightly bend me
Your manhood, you slide it in me
The message, your body sent me
Your heart, you kindly lent me

Doggy style, your favorite position
You hit several times, constant repetition
I want to stop and give you recognition
Trying to show my love
An erotic ignition the look on your face
You reached your mission

Written by Timika Burton


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