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You are the first one to judge
But have no education,
In my eyes, you represent
Half of the nation.
You look down on the unfortunate
Yet you do nothing for yourself,
Everything that you possess
Belongs to someone else.
You have one man paying your lights
One man paying your house,
It would be good if you knew
What responsibility was about.
You speak their language, yet you frown on the hood
As long as you get what you want, everything is all-good.
You have a man for the night
You have a man for the day,
You have your husband for work
You have someone else's' man for play.
All a man has to do is tell you you're fine,
Wave a little money and smack your behind.
You'll be loyal to him and forget about your kids
That man will be your one and only,
What's up wit dat shit?
Your kids are going without
But that's cool with you,
As long as you put on your show and do what you do.
You gotta keep up with the Jones
You gotta play the role,
But when your children are neglected
That shit should get old.
How could you turn your back on your child?
For some money or some sex,
If they see what you're doing now
What do you think is next?
Your boys will be gigolos
Your girls will be ho's,
They may be gay or bi-sexual
Nobody knows.
Or they may just grow up and
Be different from you,
Because they don't want to be labeled as trifling
Like you.

Written by Timika Burton


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