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Mysterious Man

You are very mysterious man
You look but you don't speak
You undress me with your eyes but
You never say a word
Are you afraid?
Do I intimidate you?
What is it?
You never know mysterious man
You may be missing out on the chance
To be with a real woman.
A woman that would love you
Hold you and do anything to your body
That you want her to.
A woman that will cook for you
Clean for you
A woman that will do things for you that most
Women are ashamed to talk about.
You never know and
You never will if you don't approach me
You have to know that I am watching you watch me
So that should tell you that I am interested
I have not made a move because that is not a Diva trait
I don't hunt, I am hunted
So, mysterious man
Show me what you are made of and
You won't have to watch me any more

Written by Timika Burton


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