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You talk the good talk
You tell what you know,
You think that you have all of the answers
You put on a real good show.

You say not to do something
But you do it the same,
When somebody else does it
You call them out of their name.

You are lacking in areas but yet
You put down someone else,
You need to stop focusing on what I'm doing
Pay attention to yourself.

You need to realize who you are
You will find out sooner than later,
You criticize and you judge
You are a hypocrite and a hater.

Why? Who are you?
Don't walk around like your shit don't stink,
Before you open your mouth
You need to stop and think.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Don't hate me because I'm smart,
Don't hate me because I'm always smiling
Don't hate me because of the kindness of my heart.

Don't be mad at me because you are mean and
People don't respond well to you,
Think about some of the things that you say and
Some of the things that you do.

There are too many things going on
To be focusing on what I'm doing,
A personality or sense of humor
Should be what you are pursuing.

Written by Timika Burton


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