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A Message to the Love of my Life

There are no limits to my love for you.
There is nothing that you can say that will turn me away.
Although you're shell is the most gorgeous of any that
I have seen, it is your heart that has captured
My attention. I will not bribe you with materialistic
Pleasures, but, I will promise to love you and vow to you that
My eyes will never look at another man the same as they
Look at you for they know why they were created.
God whispered to me that my eyes were made for you. I can hear
Your heart speaking to me simply by someone
Mentioning your name.
My spirit gives me confirmation that you are
The one for me every time I have a
Thought because you are included in every thought
That I have. When I am washing dishes, taking a bath,
Working, when I wake up in the morning, and go
To bed at night, I am praying that you are ok, wondering if
You need anything and wishing that I could be wherever
You are and you where I am.

Written by Timika Burton


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