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You are
My heart, my joy, my love
You are
The air that I breathe
You are
The steps that I take
And the love that we make
Is the bomb
You are
My man, my earth, my all
When I call
You are there for me and
Will always be
Because you are magnificent
In every way and every day
I thank God for you
Who is exquisite and sweet
To taste I won't waste
My time trying to blow your mind
Because my mind is gone when you speak
I hear a song singing to my heart
And the part that I get
Is of you loving me endlessly
You are it
In every way and every day
I thank God for you
Because it is you who are
My light shining so bright
The love of my life
An unconditional love
Sent from above
It is real. It is true
I am completed. I am full
Of you.
My hot cup of cocoa
On a cold winters day
Too good to waste and
Soothing to taste
Love does not have to
Fall from your lips
Because I see it in your eyes
I am mesmerized and hypnotized
By the sheer force of your presence
In a love trance. When you walk into the room
I become detached from my
Physical surroundings and engulfed by
The essence of you
It is amazing, overwhelming, and exciting
I love to love you
I love to want you
Accept the love that I give you
Because baby it's not going any where
Anytime soon.

Written by Timika Burton


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