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You do not fully understand
The severity of the situation,
You do not understand the concept of you
You lack knowledge and dedication.

You feel as though your responsibilities are under
They are handled by word of mouth,
You do not fully understand
That is not what it is about.

You always ask me how I feel or
If my situation is good,
You say to call you anytime and
You will help me if you could.

When I need you that is when you don't
When I don't need you, you are there,
Being there when I really need you
Is how much you show that you care.

I am not a little girl anymore
You cannot tell me things and they go over my head,
You cannot tell me that you will always be there
Then sneak off when I go to bed.

Things are different from when you were young
We were raised with common sense,
You cannot tell me that you love me
I am smart enough to know, no, I am not dense.

Confusion wanders when it comes to our parents
We are to keep loving them. It doesn't depend on the
The lack of love from parents is what is destroying
The children that are growing up in this generation.

I love solely for the reason
That you helped bring me into this world,
But you have to realize one thing
That I am not a little girl.

Unfortunately, all of your memories of me
Are from when I was just a little girl,
You recall when I used to play
Or when we used to dance around.

Or when we watched Star Trek marathons
Or listened to Stevie Wonder sing,
Or when you taught me to ride a bike
Or told me about Martin Luther King.

Those memories I carry
I hold dear to my heart,
When you left me, they became blurry
My whole world fell apart.

That was selfish for you to leave
Take time to think of someone else,
We are living for the future
So stop thinking about yourself.

You neglect me unconsciously
You will not come see me when you are in town,
No birthday cards and a few phone calls
You would think that I would be used
To you not being around.

You make plans to see the family
But you never plan a trip to see me,
You cannot understand why we are not
Enthused by your presence
Open up your eyes and you will see.

I am tired of pretending
Let us be honest and just say,
That the way that things are going
Should not really be this way.

Without our father's in our lives
Our lives take a turn for worst,
We desperately search for love that we are missing
Like we have been damned or cursed.

When in search for our love lost
We are hurt along the way,
When you are giving me advice
Please be careful what you say.

When I asked you for your help
You told me to turn to another man,
Yes, he helped me but the price that I paid
Was harsh words and from his hand.

I am not saying this to you
To hurt you or make you mad,
I can no longer walk around
Constantly feeling hurt or sad.

I can no longer have a father
That I love and it is not returned,
At the times that I really need you
I am always being burned.

There is more to being a parent
Than money and power,
Learn to love and be there
Every second of every hour.

Know that the only time I need you
Is not always when I need money,
I will need you when things are sad
Especially when things are really funny.

Just a kind word
Like "How are you?" and "It's ok" will suffice,
Or you are doing a great job and
I'm proud of you is nice.

I love you please just here me
You know that what I am saying is true,
All that I am asking is for you to be there for me and
I will always be there for you.

Written by Timika Burton


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