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Can You See What I See?

Slowly but surely
She's trying to move in,
She used to be your lover
Now all of a sudden she's your friend.

She's playing games with your emotions
Toying with your mind,
Fast forward to reality
For the past press rewind.

Think about how she treated you
What kind of friend could she be?
She is only trying to be in your life
So that she can worry me.

Can you see what I see?
A slithering snake in the grass,
I am a lady in every way
But if tested I will kick her ass.

Can you see what I see?
I'm trying to tell you that it won't work,
You need to let your friend know the business
Before someone gets hurt.

The one that gets hurt
Will definitely not be me,
Hopefully I won't leave you
Before you can see what I see.

Written by Timika Burton


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