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The Wedding Story

On a warm windy day
In March, April, or May,
We embrace one another in a way
That will bring some to a whisper
Simply take their breath away.
Love is in the air
It is written on their faces,
Those that we love wait
With anticipation
As they take their places.
All day I cry tears of joy
Thinking of our love strong,
Thinking about how I have
Missed seeing you all day long.
Thinking of the first day that we met
How you so graciously greeted me,
Thinking of how wonderful
That I knew you were
By your first impression and
The way that you treated me.
I knew that very moment
When I looked into your eyes,
God said, "Here is your blessing"
I said, "What? This is mine?"
I have thanked the Lord everyday
For bringing you into my life,
Finally, I get to live my dream
Of being your wife.
I sit here anticipating and waiting
The butterflies in my stomach
Frantically fluttering,
My sisters holding my hands
The piano slowly uttering
The wedding song.
Letting me know that they
Are ready for me
Am I wrong? No.
I have to be strong.
Today is my day
Today is our day
The day that we become one.
In the name of the father,
In the name of the son.

My daddy pulls my veil
Over my face,
Tells me how beautiful I am
Hugs me gentle
Then shows me my place.
The church is beautiful
With our family and our friends,
Every pew is draped with flowers
The isle looks as if it will never end.
While looking down the isle
Our life together flashes before my eyes,
At that very moment
I really realize
That I love you.
Every date, smile, and tear
That we have shared,
Every time that I have needed you
Every time that you were there.
You were the love of my life
Before I knew your name,
My love is everlasting
My love will never change.
I have reached my destination
I am now facing you,
I am ready to express my love
I am ready to say, "I do".
The love in the air is so thick
That there is not a dry eye in the room,
There is a church full of people
All I can think about is my handsome groom.
We say our "I do's"
Our love is sealed with a kiss,
I am thinking to myself
How I am blessed to
Have a love like this.

Written by Timika Burton


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