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Woman of the World

What man is going to want you
After you have been with the world,
You are considered a whore
A slut, a tramp, and an all out nasty girl.

Once you have chosen that life
There is no turning around,
You can change your life for the better
However, every body knows that you
Have been around the town.

You are indiscriminate in the choice
Of sexual partners that you have,
When people call you out of your name
You roll your eyes and then you laugh.

There is nothing cute about being whorish
You are not a whore because whore's get paid,
Your agenda is not money
It is all about getting laid.

I understand your emotional imbalance
Your lack of love and affection,
However, to find the love that matters
You should try a new direction.

What man is going to want you
When he learns of your sorted past,
Why would you expect him to respect you and
Risk the good things that he has?

No one is going to respect you
Until you respect yourself,
If you are offended by disrespect
Then you need to check yourself.

Every man that smiles in your face
Is not smiling because you are cute,
He is checking out your skimpy clothes
Thinking of what he can do to you.

It's sad to say that your reputation
Is based on your promiscuity,
The life that you live is not the best
I know that this is not where you want to be.

Woman of the world
You are not worthy of carrying our name,
Until you get your life together
You should hold your head in shame.

Written by Timika Burton


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