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It's been several months
since we have been talking now
and this whole thing between us
still seems so unclear
Not really sure
of what your true feeling are for me
Even though you seem to express them to me
every single day
Three or four phone calls a day
I am the first person you call when you wake
and the last person you talk to before you go to sleep
Over night passions we tend to share
from time to time
But I still don't know why
we haven't gone out anywhere
Out in the world
To the movies or out to eat
or to the park
to let our little girls meet
You say that you are nervous
and don't want to be hurt
but it is starting to seem like
I am just playing the fool
and the one that is getting hurt
you say that you want to be with me
can't see me with no one else
but what you are telling me
and how you are showing me
is still so.................UNCLEAR!

Written by Dream Candy


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