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None Ya Bizness

What I do,
When, with her not-so-hidden agenda,
She tells me all about
How HER man is in bed
Is just say "oh really", or "um-hmm",
Or maybe just nod my head
'Cause baby… I know
That she's just wondering about mine,
Its okay, I deal with it- I know my man is "Fine" but
What she needs to understand… is this-
I don't care how curious she gets
She could tell me ALL her nasty,
And I'm still not trying to reminisce, when it
Seems like my turn
To volunteer
I tilt my head, look blank
And stare
'Cause when, how or even IF Big Daddy
Touches, kisses or strokes this kitty
Is something I will never share.
So there.

Written by Carla Dancy


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