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Epiphany For Our Allocated Days

Today I've decided
To rush my weeks no more
I've chosen, from now on,
To be happy…
Whenever I am
No more depression on Sunday
Dreading Monday
No more "Can't wait 'til the weekend!"
While in Wednesday's traffic jam

Because for each of us
The moment will come,
When we've consumed
Our respective allocated days,
That we will leave this life
With what may possibly amount to
No drama… Nothing exciting
A singular non-event…
Merely go out… quietly
No glorious blaze…

You see…
I've had an epiphany...

I don't want to find
That when it's my time
My last thoughts are of all the things I
Should have done


Hugged each baby
Especially when life was crazy
Been a little less busy
Had a hellava lot more fun

Made more recitals
Missed more meetings
Told more jokes
Gave more enthused greetings

Asked "How are you doing?"
And actually waited for the reply
If you were doing well… Rejoice
And if you were doing poorly…Cry
With you…

I still have time…

To stare into the fire
Crackling in the fireplace
To kiss his neck while he's sleeping
And take in his much loved face
To rest my hand upon his wrist
While we're riding in the car
To laugh 'til I cry at his made up songs
To accompany him
By guitar…

I've always wanted to learn to play guitar…

So today
I've decided
To rush my weeks no more

I've chosen, from now on,
To be happy… where I am

And live each day

Maybe not
As if it is my last...

But possibly
The day before

Written by Carla Dancy


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