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Like Me

Hated for the things I can not change
For the life I had to rearrange
Looked down upon because of skin color
The only thing that separates us from another
But funniest thing that comes to me
You're mad cause WE are what you want to be
My natural brown complexioned tone
You attempt to get but can't on your own
Lips, hips and breast fullness
Collagen, botox and surgery at best
Physical appearances you imitate
Down to the language, no need to elaborate
Rolling of the eyes
Movement of the neck
Talk to da hand
Oh I suspect
Those who hate me can't even see
How much they want to be like me
Angry at what you can not be
That green eyed monster called envy
You steal our kings but I am not mad
There are some I wish you had
You can not choose for whom you fall
Or else it wouldn't be love at all
Identity theft is my biggest ill
You are still you no matter how you feel
Pretending to be something you're not
You are still you in case you forgot
A Nubian queen you can never claim
No matter who the man is that gives his name
So before you look and turn up your nose
Remember when you put on your clothes
Look in the mirror and what you'll see
Is one who wants to be like me
Point your finger and criticize
Only after you realize
That who or what you're talking about
Is the who or what you want to be....
Without a doubt

Written by Chanel Vann Tillman


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