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The First Night

Who are you and who am I
Are we both here to tell each other lies
I never intended to get caught up that night
All I know is the mood and the passion felt right
So we both indulged in what we thought was innocent fun
Now the night is over and you are beginning to run
While your feelings go one way mine go another
Who would have known we both needed each other
Sooner or later you will realize, that you can't run from love
Especially when it's right in front of your eyes
No matter if it is brought on by sexual stimulation
Your heart will eventually feel some sort of warm gratification
When those feelings hit you don't be ashamed
Even in love your cool demeanor you will still maintain
Who can judge a man who knows what he feels inside
I am here to listen and within me you can confide
Even having slept together on the first night
From that point on our love and passion for each other has felt right
You're the one for me and I am the one for you
I knew it that first night and finally you admit you knew it too.

Written by Rachel Craig


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