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It's about nine and my legs begin to tremble, while my heart starts to race
Later tonight I'm due at your place

I can't seem to focus, I'm stuck on tonight
A massage plus words everything should be right

I'm prepared for what's in store
Don't go to sleep just unlock the door

By ten I'm thinking about wearing just a t-shirt and thongs
By ten thirty I'm wondering will it last for long

It's twelve and I begin to think about your tongue
I'm thinking a 69 would be so much fun

You're kissing around my thighs, while I make your nature rise
What comes next will be such a surprise

It's about that time in thirty minutes you'll be all mine
I'm glad our plans are going fine

From two to three let's please each other physically
From three to four let's make love mentally

From five to six I'll just lye in your arms
From six to seven fill me with all your charm

Now that morning bas come and the night is done
I'll sleep until night comes again and it's time for round one
While all these plans and thoughts run through my head
I want you to get prepared to do whatever "Sexy Girl" says.

Written by Rachel Craig


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