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One Night In Time

Was it Titanic or Lost at Sea?
No now I remember, it was Ghost Ship!
Yeah that was what we watched as you lay next to me

Unforseen circumstances arose that gave us a chance
A chance to meet, that turned into a hot retreat
My emotions and desires I could not defeat

On this particular night all inhibitions were put aside
I looked into your eyes and knew sexual gratification would not be denied
I was yours and you were mine even if only for one night in time

Long conversation lead to much stimulation
After ending those words with a deep passionate kiss there was no debating
I would have you and afterwards there would be much jubilation

As we intertwined I got lost in all time zones
I was completely satisfied although it didn't last very long
Reality set in and I realized this is where I belong

Without any doubt in my mind I knew I wanted you for more than one night in time
So I would do my best to conquer my quest
I would ask you and you would have to say yes
Not sure of what your answer to me might be
I left our friendship alone doubting you would ever consider me
Before long time had lapsed one month, two, then three

Now here it is two years later
And after seeing you the desire is even greater
Unlike then now I have the courage to say to ya

For the past two years I have thought about your eyes
About the name on your neck wishing you would write it on my thighs
How listening to your poetry makes the hair on my arms start to rise

I still remember the night that you let me pretend that you were mine
Now I want to get back to that moment which was so divine
The day when I felt like a princess for one night in time

Written by Rachel Craig


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