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A Forehead Kiss

Longing, yearning to lye in your arms
Moaning a song brought on by your charm

You have personality and swagger for days
To please you I can think of so many ways

Just your presence around me is enough
We both aren't looking for any relationship stuff

But being around you is becoming addicting
When I'm at work or home I find it's you that I'm missing

I'm trying to keep my feelings at bay
Knowing if they fester you won't feel the same way

To spare my feelings I should let this friendship subside
But your company I don't want to be denied

I don't want to get caught up in a one sided love affair
A booty call versus a real man could never compare

With that being said what do I do
Stay true to myself and forget about you

Or follow the path that ends with relationship bliss
Who knows you could have been saying something with that forehead kiss.

Written by Rachel Craig


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