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From A Distance

Come a little closer so I can get a clear view
Okay that's good an image of you is coming through

What I imagine from a far is a handsome guy with sweet dimples
A face free and clear of blemishes and pimples

Kinetic energy let's me feel a heart made of sugar
The vibe that I'm getting I really can't figure

All I know is I like what I see
So send me a message about what it's gonna be

Are you gonna stay over there out of my reach
Or is it love that you too seek

The sun is starting to go down so the image of you is becoming blurry
I need you to come to me in a hurry

Don't take your time finding out where you want to be
If you give me a chance you'll quickly realize it's with me

Even from a far I can make you feel like the luckiest man alive
I will do this until your standing here right by my side

For now I will continue to gaze at you from a far
Keeping you in my heart until I'm where you are

Written by Rachel Craig


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