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Kancer StiKK

Sista I gotta ask why you light the Kancer stiKK?
You've always give me stress as the number one answer to this.
Excuse me miss but is this the way to relieve the stress?
For you to take a puff and put smoke in your chest?
Sometimes I confess that we blackmen can be the cause of the destruction.
But we always stay in denial whenever someone brings up the discussion.
Repercussions of years of smokin' slowly takin' away your life.
Add on the bullshit that we blackmen do to you sometimes ain't right.
Y'all our backbone in this world you're killin' yourself quitely.
Lungs, breast, and brain are affected but your outside beauty lies to me.
Can't cry you see cuz I know that everybody chose their own destiny.
But I ain't gonna lie to myself momma's brain kancer is slowly effectin' me.
Stress, I won't let that be the reason of why you givin' up.
Whether you realize it or not without you our society would be phucked!
You've always been with us thoughout all the good and bad.
Whether we like it or not you're all that we have.
Babygirl you do the math you're a dime at the age of 21.
Half a pack a day till 40 you'll need another lung.
At 41 you'll feel 55 body inside out went from dime to deuce.
A couple of treatments of chemo will leave your body feelin' loose.
I can't hide the truth cuz I've seen and witnessed the disease.
Oxygen mask cuz on your own you can no longer breathe.
Believe me you'll be balder then Jordan chemo destroys the hair.
You'll have to wear a wig to cover up what's no longer there.
People stare cuz they know when a blackwoman's hair is real or fake.
God made our hair beautiful and unique what we have is no mistake!
Your bodies create life but without the body where would we be?
How can we produce when the Kanser has taken your ovaries?
I blame the magazines with the messed up ads you see.
If woman smokes she wouldn't have the whitest teeth.
Best believe it doesn't take a stiKK to attract men in the club.
A blackwomen with confidence and wit will always get love.
I can't tell you enough sista without tryin' to sound preachy.
If it wasn't for blackwomen there would be no one to teach me.

Written by Damon Marsh


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