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That Year This Year

I prayed to God to let this year be better than 2K3.
It was a good year but shit F.A.D.E.D. me.
Every now and then I acted out of my own zone.
Called the Devil sometimes but really acted alone.
26 years grown and I'm still fightin' the daily struggle.
We're all strangers from different places God said to still love you.
Demons tried to bust my bubble, but in '04 it ain't gon' happen.
Step out of line and I'll commensce the slappin'.
Trapped in a world where good is bad and vise versa.
To my babies' mommas I just wanna say I didn't mean to hurt ya.
I merked ya hearts and I believe in the Golden Rule.
We're even though cuz at time y'all acted like fools.
I ain't shit without you but pride won't let me say it loud.
But it's true cuz both of you have my child.
God at times I wild out and you stuck by me no matter what.
I love my life even though in other's eyes it sucks.
Not enough pain in my life to label myself a good man.
To find a Goddess who'll help me wit my struggles is a good plan.
"I can do it myself!" is what a nigga's ego tells me.
Everytime that happens situations seem to fail me.
Hell be on my back as I'm tryna make it to Heaven.
If you don't believe in the Devil look at the photos of 9-11.
Out of seven deadly sins last year I touched 5 .
Lust, Gluttony, Anger, Sloth, and muthaphuckin' Pride.
In my mind greed and envy is a sign of weakness.
That sounds stupid so I watch the mouth of men who preaches.
What did last year teach us? To enjoy everyday as if it's the last.
Tell everybody to get on my level in '04 or kiss my ass .
I had a blast in 2K3 in 2K4 I have no fears.
But if you scared go to church and have a Happy New Year!

Written by Damon Marsh


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