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The Promises

As I sit here lookin' at your body I'm thinkin' sink or swim.
I can let your death tear me up disappoint you and Him.
Now's not even the time to cry anyway cuz I'm all dried out.
I let my eyes leak last week at my lil' hide out.
I'm pissed at your vessel cuz it wouldn't let your soul free.
But to mad at His creation was wrong Lord forgive me.
Cuz blasphemy is wrong especially at a time like this.
From this point on momma you will be missed.
I promise you momma that I'll live for my kids.
I'll protect the queen in my life whoever it is.
I promise myself that I'll never give up on myself.
To never ask God why when it comes to your death.
I'll learn from your mistakes and Never Smoke A Kancer StiKK!
Treat everybody fair even though they treat me like shit.
I gotta keep on movin' I don't want you to die in vain.
Everytime I look at my kids I try to hide the pain.
I can bitch and complain that they don't have a grandmomma.
I just thank God that their mommas don't dive me stress and drama.
It ain't time to mourn let's celebrate your life in Heaven.
It's ashame that lung cancer took you before the age of 47.
So I sit here now askin' myself do I wanna sink or swim?
I wanna keep my head above water till I meet you and Him.

Written by Damon Marsh


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