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I Lost the purple

I see why you're gon' cuz of my ignorant ways.
Just when I told you I got rid of those ignorant days.
Ignorance pays without you I'm goin' insane.
Me and you together 3 years and you don't have my last name.

Said that I would change but that wasn't true.
Just kept on with all the bullshit I put you through.
Never knew that you would leave me thought my game was tight.
Now it's you bruisin' my ego with this game of sike.

Got me like Who she wit? Who's eatin' my meals?
Should have kept it more honest instead of keepin' it real.
What's the deal? Supposed to be hard with nothin' to fear.
Until you walked out that door and alone you left me here.

Around my niggaz no tears but I'm tore up inside.
You left me babygirl and I know the reasons why.
I stopped doin' the little things that I used to get you.
purple roses and candle lit dinners for just us two.

Something new every night from massages to milk baths.
Rubbin' Victoria's Enchanted Apple on your feet and calves.
Sexin' was an adventure that I made into a chore.
Then you cut me off from that can't have sex no more.

Forgot all my priorities and that was keepin' the purple.
I can apologize a million times that I didn't mean to hurt you.
Runnin' with my circle of niggaz when I was supposed to be home.
Club hoppin' late night while I left you alone.

It's wrong to stumble in at 6 a.m. smellin' like the club.
Henn breath and red eyes lookin' phuct-up!
Helped me with my hangover and still you said "I love you."
"But these streets you runnin' will get you in trouble."

I'd bust your bubble by doin' the same shit with my friends.
Thought I could get away with it again and again.
Back then you could never prove my cheatin' ways.
Until you caught me on that gray October day.

I played into your trap caught me red-handed.
Tried to reverse the blame what was I thinkin dammit!?
The worst thing I could do was to blame you.
Afterall you kept the purple for me booh.

My plan was to never hurt you but I got lost along the way.
I lost my purple that I had for you since the first day.
After you left I kept on with my ways of life.
Then I realized you can't turn a club hoe into a wife.

Even some of my niggaz I had turned fake.
So I now I keep my grass cut low watchin' for snakes.
They were plottin' to phuck you cuz I'm no longer around.
Talkin' behind my back sayin "It's my turn now!"

It's been awhile babygirl I'm no longer the same.
I messed up in the past but things do change.
No longer am I drinkin' even got rid of the snakes.
Both of them together filled my heart with hate.

I realize my place is with you I don't need to roam.
I was a dog that ran away now I'm home.
I've atoned for my actions me and you will take some time.
No more bullshit lil' mama I want you back as mine!

Written by Damon Marsh


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