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Dear Nas and Jay-Z

Dear Nas,

I gotta admit I'm kinda pissed right now.
Tryin' to figure out what this beef's about.
I know I don't have a right to question what's wrong.
I'm not a fanatic but I do have a couple of your songs.

I got Illmatic your very first CD.
Aside from the Firm and Stillmatic I don't have the other three.
Loved your collabos with Mobb Deep and "Gangsta Tearz" on Exit Wounds.
Loved your part in Belly you and X clearin' out the rooms.

Don't know if what you rap about you live.
You're a street poet that tells good narratives.
That "Got U'r" is the theme song for the underdawgs.
Relivin' the shootings of 'Pac and Biggie Smalls.

Proppin' two of the best to bless the mic.
I still bang my Pac songs every night.
As a rap fan I'm askin' to squash the beef.
Don't want to see a funeral goin' down QB's streets.

Part (2)

Dear Shawn Carter

I mean Jiggaman Jay-Z
What's up with you and Nas what's with the beef?
I'm not gonna chose sides I've done that before.
Back in '95 and '96 so I don't want anymore.

I'm from the South I love the collab wit UGK.
Love "This Can't Be Life" with the legendary Scarface.
"Super Ugly" was funny as hell I won't front.
Everything has it's place raps already full of stunts.

You and Nas got money squash this shit!
I ain't had a job since September I don't have Blueprint.
I don't know who started all this hatin'.
Don't want anybody shootin' outside the radiostation.

Egoes gettin' involved like who's New York's king.
Just remember if you're dead you can't reign supreme.
I'm not tryin' to come to you as a hypocrit.
Cuz I do get pissed when fools talk shit.

So I try to avoid every situation possible.
Don't wanna be in a morgue or a hospital.
It's just words now but later it'll be gunplay.
If y'all died people will pack funerals like church on Sundays.

Part (3)

Dear Nas and Jay

Both of y'all fightin' over who's the best.
That's okay but humble is that nigga Dark Man X.
The real enemy is the media who drags this on.
Who'll be writin' your eulogies before long.

You both shout out Biggie and Pac in your verses.
Y'all know how they died so you wanna see hurses?
It took too many years to get where you're at now.
It takes nothin' but seconds to tear it all down.

If word got y'all two to come with beef
then these words should bring the peace.
I'm not talkin' 'bout smilin' in each other's faces and handshakes.
Or collabos wit each other, no, just go your separate ways.

You two will probably read this and laugh.
Afterall I'm just a lil' nigga what I know about your azz?
I won't think you're pure if you squash this, understand?
The people who want to see blood ain't your true fans.

Part (4)

Dear Nas and Jay-Z

My word probably don't mean a thing.
The rap game and New York is big enough for two kings. .

Written by Damon Marsh


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