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Young America

I pray up to Heaven to bless the people of 9-11.
While watchin' my back for those sins of seven.
It's nuthin' to destroy a life but a lot to raise one right.
How many sistaz and brotherz are we gonna lose tonight?

I do my part by followin' my own heart.
Even I'm wrong at times so God where do I start?
Hypocrits can't tell me a thang if they ain't changed.
Gossippin' and shit thinkin' this is a game.

When it's said and done who'll ride, who'll run?
Tupac said it better 50 niggaz over a gun.
No lyin' or cheatin' I'll die 4 what I believe in.
I just laughed a death just this past weekend!

So the best I can do to myself is stay true.
You can't do me so only you can do you.
That's why I'm crazy cuz I fight the demons daily.
I can't sit and tell you that the Devil made me.

I blame myself God for gettin' lost and it cost.
Resposibility is 3-65 wit no days off.
Enemies may not be right God let them see light.
Wars equal death the takin' of a life.

Even it seems our own kind hurts us at times.
People hate on you without even tryin'.
So I stay to myself ying & and yang, right, or left?
Never too proud though to ask God for some help.

Written by Damon Marsh


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