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I Don't Need This!

I don't need shit 'ma so I'mma move on.
I'm tired of the bullshit claimin' you're grown.
It's wrong for me to do bad but I'll do it all by myself.
Bullshit I can handle alone it doesn't need your help.

So I step cuz I don't wanna commit to this shit.
Everybody takin' sides who the hell you wit?
Ain't scared of commitment you just wastin' my time.
Can't go on with all the infidelity and lyin'.

Cryin' on the phone cuz you can't get your way.
That's why I packed my shit and left the other day.
Tellin' me that we can work everything out.
Blamin' me 100% when it's 50-50 what's that about?

I doubt that you can make me happy cuz you're a cheat.
You won't even admit that in the face of defeat.
You repeat your bad intentions over and over.
Your insecure ways got me lookin' over my shoulder.

Told ya once before that you act up I'm gone.
Then when I act a fool you always say I was wrong.
So long cuz I don't need this shit anymore.
Thinkin' you're a star but the sky has plenty more.

Finish your statement and leave me to myself.
To treat me right you gotta break yourself.
No secrets kept I'll break for you if you're real.
I even layed down the cards it was your deal.

I feel you phuct this up with your insecurities.
Got me callin' this off between you and me.
You'll be the one who'll hurt I tried to meet you half way.
I don't need this shit 'ma today is the last day.

Written by Damon Marsh


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