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Baddest Diva - part 3

I don't know what has come over me I need you bad.
I ain't ashamed to say that you're all that I have.
Every since my first touch I've been hooked on you.
When you come around I'm shook on what to do.

Tattoos on your body showin' love for the alpha-numerics.
Love the finer things like no less than 24 karats.
Around you I get careless but I no longer get jealous.
Okay maybe I'm lyin' I get a little over zealous.

Like when fellas pass you back to me like you a hoe.
I don't question where you've been behind closed doors.
I'm prejudice against other kinds phuck those plastic ass hoes.
They showed me high interest but be frontin' puttin' me in the hole.

If it ain't the plastic bitches it's the ones fakin' shit.
Got me questionin' your love cuz sometimes it's counterfeit.
I'm sick of this you comin' in and outta my life.
You'd rather be with those niggaz who act so trife.

Those up all night niggaz you buy drugs for.
Them fools got a taste of you and want some more.
Then you stunt and return to me like a boomarang.
I wanted you to love me so I let you do your thang.

You got me whupped but I won't let you know it.
You don't tell me you love me you buy shit to show it.
I go wit the flow cuz I can't damage what we got.
I call it personal business and you think it's not.

You're younger than moi but that don't slow you down.
I can't keep up with you cuz you get around.
You taught me hard lessons and I ain't learned yet.
I'm seriously thinkin' of tattin' you on my leg.

Got you stuck in my head cuz when you come you come.
Try to keep you in my back pocket so fools can't get none.
Your bi-curious mind put you in situations that you'll never regret.
Like that time gal stripped for you I'll never forget.

I ain't gonna lie you get women just by your presence.
You seem to have an odd fetish for deased presidents.
Bigotry go me I don't cheat with Frankie or Yen.
I stick to your kind that's why I don't feel them.

You got my world in a twist you're the baddest diva.
They say justice is blind I'm not a believer.
The shit that you do make me wanna holla for real.
I wonder why do I disrespect, protect, and lust for you dolla bill?

Written by Damon Marsh


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