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Let me get this right you try to program me into this nigger?
Place me in a place called the projects surrounded by thieves and killers?
Then you try to tell me my hair's nappy say that we're slow.
Tryin' to hide everything on the 'Net so that we don't know.
Have boys become men before the age of eight.
Either dad's locked up or a dead beat no love here just hate.
Then you try to give us foodstamps and welfare to shut us up.
Tryin' to say you're helpin' but really phuckin' us up.
Votes recounted so we'll lose our faith in the elections.
H.I.V.'s man made to kill our women with our own erections.
Place us in schools with technology from the stone age.
Then you wanna get picky on who gets financial aid.
The crack you pushed to kill the Panthers is placed in our hands.
So we'll be harassed by police every chance they can.
Can't afford a lawyer so we settle for the D.A.
But they don't give a shit cuz they're makin' minimum wage.
See I can't be programmed into your type of nigger.
Can't let my emotions be controlled by drugs and liquor.
I've made it out of the projects and got my own crib.
I'd be damn it the government tells me how to live!
"They" the government, is tryin' to stack the odds.
Stack them against us in school tryin' to take away God.
I've programmed myself into a blackman.
Not some nigger who's too slow to understand.
All stereotypes can be broken if we all rise up.
I'm old enough to know better but young enough not give a phuck!
I've escaped the crack, the jails, the pressures of society.
One statement to Mr. Bush: "You can't lie to me!"
I've jumped all the hurdles so I'm a threat to you.
Uplifting my people is what I'm tryin' to do.
Let my sistas know there's a better life.
Let my brother know that we ain't gotta live trife.
I'm non-programmable I'm the "nigger" that went astray.
If I was programmed to your likin' kill me today.

Written by Damon Marsh


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