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One Minute Man

Ladies there's nothin' wrong with a one minute man.
Especially if it's durin' a one night stand.
Sixty seconds is all I need to get my job done.
Cuz later that night we'll be happy in the long run.
Every woman that I had was satisfied and that's no lie.
Straight relief before I got all up inside.
Sixty seconds is all it takes to turn your life upside down.
Cuz life's a three ring circus and I don't wanna be the clown.
More like the ring master controllin' my own fate.
After the phreaking' ma you gotta hold on and wait.
I'm a minute man so to get ready time is what I need.
So I can have time to look through the pockets of my jeans.
30 seconds to search my pockets 2 in the front and 2 in the back.
A fifth pocket to hold the cell the sixth to hold my nik-naks.
Ah-Ha found my Lifestyle! 15 seconds to undress from head to feet.
15 seconds to put on the rubber cuz I tore the package without my teeth.
That's one minute that I'm not ashamed to use.
Cuz I don't want my penis to catch the STD blues.
If I can remember which pocket I can cut time by 15 seconds.
Girl but when we get down to the dirty it's all night when were naked!

Written by Damon Marsh


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