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Long, Thick, And Black

She laid across the bed
Butt naked from the start
Her knees were slightly bent
And her thighs were spread apart

She recently had shaved
And her pussy lips were bare
They were moist from her caress
And free of any hair

Feeling sexy and on fire
Satin sheets beneath her back
She reached for something hard
That was long, thick, and black

She gripped it with both hands
And slid in deep inside
Then moan to its long stroke
As she took it for a ride

Her body felt the surge
From the lust of her black pet
The thrill was so intense
It made her soak and wet

She broke into a frenzy
For ecstasy was near
Her body heat was rising
And the sound of sex was clear

She came so many times
And swore each was the best
Then she turn the dildo off
And proceeded to get dress

Written By David Farrar


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