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To be so full of hope and happiness and cant change it
God made me this way and I keep losing trying to fight it
It's not fair to be this way as much as I try to control my heart
It loves beyond understanding
I try to stop it as best as I can
doing and saying all I can to feel hate or anger and not love
It works sometimes but temporary
I'm so tired of trying to change what I cant
The only thing can do is separate myself from others
Those who will only try to take my happiness and stomp on it
Those who try to share their hopelessness with me
Negative people who cant stand my hopefulness and want to show me I can't be happy
But im tired of it all
Tired of hiding the real me tired of not being able to share my love with someone
I always hear "life is no bed of roses"
Is that an excuse to be hopeless?
"Life is hard" is that an excuse not to try
"Nobody is perfect" is that an excuse to accept your hurtful ways
Is that an excuse because you have accepted defeat to being a better person?
Those are all things you hear from people who lost hope and want to bring u down to
their level so they can control you
So they can feel good
So what do u do in a world like this
You dream
That's where I go when this world no longer has a place for people like me
People with hope and true love to give
You can't hurt me there as long as im dreaming

Written by Dreamer31


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