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Sharp spontaneous pain like bits of glass.
Electricity flowing through my heart at every thought of why?
Stopping my mind in its tracks.
I understand some things are not meant to be understood.
Not knowing why makes me question each new experience "is this real or fake".
Why, it starts as anger then turns to self-blame I ask, "is it me?"
My heart races and breath stops, aches begin, deep inside my atrium.
I zero in on that one moment or many where "why" is the only word I know.
My eyes are open but I can't see what's visible.
Instead I see a replay of a moment as my heart relives the pain.
My heart says stop but my mind seeks closure.
Until I force myself out of this trance or an outside
force brings me back to reality.
It hurts and my heart is taking blows.
Still beating and trusting me like a child trust its mother.
Knowing it will get what it needs to survive.
"It will be ok" I say "we will make it one more day".

Written by Dreamer31


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