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100 Words No Less

100 words no Less!
I have 2 make this my best.
I have to let people know,
that all that I am I have no
place to go.
100 words that I could
say to make love sway my way
but it has to bee 100 words no less
cause if not it wont be my best.
100 words full of pain,
100 words never said in "vain".
100 words no less! Stop pressuring
me to try my best. I try my hardest
to make you happy
but nothing works, you continue to
yell out at me, "100 words no less"
within that, I try my best.
99 words away from the making you
happy. 100 words no less! I remember
everyday that I tried my best.
Your obsession with perfection has caused
me dare perfection.
100 words no less, 143 I found out was
my best. 100 words that I can't write
but 143 that comes right!

Written by Jellesa Edwards


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