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My Feelings in Words

I think about all that I
could have.
And then I think about all
the things I thought I had.
I sit in this chair, surrounded
by these walls, covered with
this feeling that I have nothing
at all.
If you could see me then
you'd wonder what was wrong
cause it looks like
my heart has been broken and
it looks like I feel alone.
I have some things locked
inside, some things that I
have to get off my chest, but
these things are not easy to say,
they hurt worse then the rest.
I've been hurt, I've been bruised
I've had my heart torn what about you?
These words puzzle the heart of
a broken soul, someone who can
never be whole.
I think sometimes what life could be
like and then sometimes I choose to cry.
Things have become so complicated that
I believe one day I will die.
I ask the question to all,
will things in my life stop falling?

Written by Jellesa Edwards


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