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Back in the day, so many of us couldn't wait until we were grown.
We never took into consideration what that really meant.

We knew nothing about bills, responsibilities or how our paychecks would be spent before they were
even cashed. Not to mention trying to make sure that there is enough to split between a few good
meals and rent.

All that was anticipated was saying " I live on my own & can do as I please", never thinking about
what would have to be done to hold on to those keys of freedom. Going to jobs that most of us
detest, praying to God for a good 30 minute nap to rest just to get through the rest of the day.

So many of us counted down the days until we could roll like Burger King and have it our way, but
now we would pay for a little time to play like when kickball and lunchroom barter trades were the big
deals on our weekly agendas.

Where did the time go?
How did our dreams come true so fast?

How did our " this morning's" become our distant pasts in ,what feels like, a blink of an eye?
Why didn't everything happen the way the way we, initially, planned when we swore that things
would be different when we got out of our parents' house to buy our own homes.

But never did we realize that being grown is hard and can really break you down if you're not careful.
If we knew then what we have learned along the way, our yesterdays ,which were filled with
homework assignments & weekly chores, would be cherished a little more.

Written by Poetess Elitess


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