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Super Heroes

When you plan to succeed, your goals can only be manifested by your actions;
And the energy vested can easily control outcome.
The fact is that there's no time to waste because there too much to do.

Too many people to save & not enough people to accept that they need the help,
But would prefer to believe that they have super hero tendencies, neglecting the reality
That no one is invincible & protection is needed.

It's up to us to show them the light & help them to take heed to the vision;
To open their ears to listen to ways to insure better lives for their families after their lives have
ceased; ways to guarantee their loved ones some peace of mind.
See, Know, & understand that we are the X-Men & Fab 5 of this industry.

It is us that have the keys to change people's lives.
So we can only find it an injustice when we don't put our capes on & leave everything on the table
before the bell has rang.

Paint the picture as vividly as you can, why wait?
Why wait for your victory to fall in your lap, when it's already at your finger tips, tipping towards your
canvas like a paint brush.

Push towards your prosperity as hard as you can,
With all of your might, because at the end of the night,
What WE do makes the difference.

Written by Poetess Elitess


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