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Standard, a degree or level of requirement; the energy you're allowing in your space or the
reciprocity received by the aura that is sent.
What is your standard; does it exist?
You can't measure it by what you put on your wish list, but what you demand
Or how & when you take your stand on what it is you believe.
It is the acknowledgement of what you will accept in your presence from the people
That find the need for the present that is known as your company.
It has been said that folks of like mind & vision flourish,
While flocks of fellow slackers drown together.
On which end of the spectrum to you stand?
What kind of woman or man have you chosen to be; the success or the failure?
Have you made the decision to let by-gones be just that & are content with being a
Pale comparison of what greatness looks like.
See, the difference between a legend & a dreamer is the standard of their surroundings;
Which is something you may want to consider if legendary is what you're trying to be,
But are finding yourself road blocked.
Successful people aren't much more extraordinary than the average man,
but they are the ones that have the confidence & nerve to do what others are afraid to.
Set Trivial Asinine Nonsense Deeds Against Real Delivery!!!!
Standards are what have to be placed in position before you can move forward
If that's the direction you're looking to go in.
It is you that has to make the decision about which world you are going to live in
& it is only you that begin your days with flow that you desire,
but understand that the fire & ice that you invite into your realm
sets the tone for your path.
and in order to win in the game of life,
Your journey has to be begin with STANDARD.

Written by Poetess Elitess


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