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I don't have to wear CLOTHES so tight that if I sneezed,
I may be the cause of ARMAGEDDON
Or Dress so SHORT that if I bent over, I'd show , ALL OF MY God, given glory
BECAUSE I KNOW that there is more to my BEAUTY & I have more to offer than just that
& I want to attract a MAN that is more concerned w/ my PERSONALITY
As opposed to what kind of TRICKS & TREATS I pack.

Not that I don't enjoy the random SHOCK appeal I provide
When I show a bit more leg than usual, BUT UNDERSTAND
I ALWAYS come with the upmost sense of CLASS
because I know that FASHION sense & A FAT ASS is not all that I am,
they're merely things that I possess.

I don't have to be the girl in the center of the dance floor dropping it,
Ankle grabbing & TIP D-R-I-L-L-I-N-G BECAUSE
I know that I'm more BEAUTIFUL than that & that of ALL OF THAT
Isn't necessary to get the RIGHT man's attention.

I don't have to SPEND four hours in the mirror trying to PAINT a new face
& working to EMULATE the sexiness
As seen on T.V BECAUSE I know that I'm BEAUTIFUL
just the way God made me & I understand that COSMETICS

I love what God has given me & understand WHO & WHAT I am
& am not mistaken BECAUSE I know that
CLASSY & modest CONFIDENCE is the only sexy that I know HOW to be
& for that, even when I'm overlooked by the brothers,
I LOVE ME & that's all that matters.

Written by Poetess Elitess


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