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My Refuge

It's been explained that God brings us to a different place, in life
from where he plants us in our destined position.

He often uses the mess in our lives
to fertilize the gardens of our very own Edens.

We've been told, "feel free to relish on your land, just don't touch the fruit from this tree.
For, if it is eaten, death will surely come upon you.
Do as I say and trust that your days will be long ;
Know that the beasts in your life are working for your ultimate good. "

How could I have not seen this before?
The answers to my worries have always been staring me in the face,
but I see, now, that I've been too lazy to look up to read the scribes on the doors .
I've been too busy trying to be superwoman and a jack of all trades
to realize that all I have to do is be patient and
know that the more lions, tigers and bears that I fight
brings me closer to my place of refuge.

Since the light has been lit ,for my next chapter,
I refuse to sit back and dwell in the dark again.
I am declaring freedom of my mind, body and being
as God finishes developing my forever.

Written by Poetess Elitess


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