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Fantasy Love

I knew the first time I look at you,
you would be the one.
You smiling face,
your strong body,
your brown complexion
I knew you were second to none.

But, you never stopped to talk to me
or even give me the time of
day and I told myself that
I was playing a foolish game,
that people some time play.

I knew in my heart that
I wanted you if only for a minute and
If I could I knew I would put my heart,
body and soul to be in it.
I only told my best friend about the feelings
I had for you and she in turn laughed and said
"sometimes dreams do come true."

I never did say anything and soon time
passed by and as it did
I realized it was not even worth a try.
To see you everyday became a common thing,
you no longer make my head spin
or make my heart to sing.

I had finally gotten over you and much to
my surprise I look around and there
you were and your arms were open wide.
You took me in your arms and held me
oh so tight , you asked me if you could kiss
me and if it would be alright,
you pull me close to you and we made love
all night.

We talked of things we felt for one another,
we vowed to never leave each other.
And as we drifted off to sleep in each
others embrace,
I knew this was where I was to be, in this
loving place.

But, dreams are part of your waking mind
and when I did wake up I knew
I had dreamed of my FANTASY LOVE.

Written by Ella


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