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We the People

These are the first three words in the
Constitution Of The United States but,
does it really apply to us?

First they put us in the bottom of the ship,
then the back of the bus.
We were taken from our land and the ones
who loved us best and put in shackles
and chains and taught to clean up other
peoples mess but WE THE PEOPLE,
did survive.

Some of us were taken from our familles
and with the grace of
God we did get thru and we did what we
had to do.

We took care of the masta kids and
cooked and served his meal but not one
person even would ask us how
we feel about working for sun up to sun
down and on our face we could not
show a frown but, WE THE PEOPLE
did survive.

But all of these thing did make us all strong
and in this old world we did may not
belong, for there are those who want to
send us back but this was not our choice to
come here, that was their act.

They burn our churches and kill our men
and they look in your face and call you friend.
But, we will not show our anger,
we are much better than that because here
we belong and here is where we are at.

We will lift our head high and walk
with the greatest of pride because

Written by Ella


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