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Out of the Past

Hello, said the voice on the other end,
you probably never thought you would hear my
voice again.
I know it has been 14 years since you
heard from me but, I still love you,
with you is where I want to be.

I have been searching for you for so long
and I have finally found you.
He begin to tell me about how things had
not worked out so well and how his life
had been a living hell, about how no one
he had been with could take the place
of me and he needed me to be happy.

I listened for awhile and soon
I knew this could not last for here was a
man from OUT OF THE PAST.
I thought about all the good time we
shared, the laughter and the tears too,

I remember the times we had said this is it,
you and I are thru.
But as I looked back, our life was a cast of
fools and the drama was ending fast.

I asked him why 14 years later he is
looking me me and how can he be with
someone 14 years and not be happy.
I asked what about the 4 kids, the house
and his wife, he had the nerve to tell me it
is time he got on with his life.

Well, after 3 hours of talking on the phone,
I realized somethings are better left alone
and one of those things was him you see if
he leaves his wife he will do the same thing
to me.

If I let him come back one day on the
I will hear him telling his ex that he wants
to come back home.

And as I hung up the phone
I wished him well and these
feelings he had will not
always last because he will
remain someone OUT OF THE PAST.

Written by Ella


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