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When I first lay eyes on you,
I thought “Wow " so this is whatGod
looks like”
I was in such awe that there were
moments that
I almost forget to breathe (smile)

My soul opened in welcome and
My heart just kept expanding
(seeing God will do that to you)
All I could do was love you
with a profound joy
I had never felt before
It was holy.
It was sobering.

It was reverent.

But then I got scared.
Because I knew that someone felt
the same way
About the homeless man I had just
passed on the street
and the brotha and sista I saw nodding
on the corner
And the violent homeboy who cursed me
out in the check-cashing place

I remembered that serial killers,
rapists and murderers
Started out just like you " images of God
I remembered that statistics said you
might live longer
If you lived In Pakistan.
I heard the gunshots,41, police sirens and
angry neighbors
And knew it could be you one day

I am sorry Noah that we didn(tm)t create
a better world for you
That we didn(tm)t make it secure,
nurturing and overall
an easier place for you to grow

I ask god to return us to a place of love,
A time when joy was more than a notion
A time before the pain of everyday living
broke our spirits
A time before the hurt caused by
love closed our hearts
A time before the sadness of losing
someone special

A time before the fear of not being good
enough had us forget to dream,
write poems, have hope, vision, make
manifest our thoughts and ideas
A time before the shame that made us
turn to alcohol and drugs
A time, before my feelings had me write
this poem eNIGma

Written by Enigma


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