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I Cringe

Sitting in the belly of the whale
Confined to the judgment of saints,
Even those that really ain't
But that chose to point and laugh,
At those that ain't got what they got
I despise those-es
That turn up noses
Sinking to new low-es
Stepping on folks toes-es
Thinking they pimp-es
But they just hoe-es
Willing to give up the soul for nothing
As the creator still allows the blood to keep pumping
Quickly dry humping everything in site
And they dumb asses still running…… place
Hanging themselves with their own shoe lace
Perting their finger at me
Behind my back talking about me
Secretly wishing they was me
But white is all they see
Proclaiming that in God they trust
Pushing me to the back of the bus
I spit on you in disgust
In the black mans eye he looks at you with lust
Cause you give him mind blowing blows
Screaming Mandingo Oh's
On all fours sucking his toes,
Elbows, knees, and ass holes.
Cause back in the day
You were a forbidden lay,
Brother's interest is peeked
Even while dangling from a tree
Cuz he hung…………
Now you already sprung.
Seeing a fine brother with a white mate,
Leaving your Nubian queens alone to masturbate?
You disrespect me, and respect her for serving you, doing the
things that I won't disrespect my self to do to you?
I question your mentality,
And bring you back to reality.
Blackest brother in the tribe,
Faking that black pride,
Casing the black family to divide,
When I was created to be beside you,
I understand you,
I am holding the missing rib from you,
You can't even use that bitchs shampoo!
But I let you do what you do,
Climbing in the belly of that whale,
Destined to a white mans hell……….

Written by Erica Denise Dunlap


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