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Inside-Her Trading

More than a great time in bed
Or a giver of head
far beyond your realm of understanding
past your head's head
See the concept is plain
You enter in with no thoughts of what you are leaving with me,
How you are affecting me,
Taking out of me and at the same time infecting me
Dropping spirits
Filling holes
Playing around my soul
As your little man dances
Thinking he is putting me into trances
Of an immobile state of mind
Unable to form sentences
Predictions of left alone after the sex
Even after you ducked and dodged me
And how you dry phucked me
Leaving me burning
Yearning for real love
Like Mary J sang
But instead you invested your un-wielding bonds
Into my mature mutual funds
Decreasing my value
Sending me slowly into decline
As my stock plummets
And there is no one else willing to buy
No longer popular trade
But you want me to be your sexual slave
While remnants of you rest in my cave
In places and spaces that I cannot reach
But causing bruises to my inside
Trying to scrape the drippings
From your so called pimping
Left in this princess
And now I can't rest
Undressed finding flesh eating bacteria
Eating away at my inner lining
Forcing my intestines outward
Thrusting them in your direction
As payback for your empty erection.

Written by Erica Denise Dunlap


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